Swargaseema's vision is to be the largest Sandalwood producer in india.

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స్వర్గసీమ - సిరుల సీమ

Although many traditional investment options are available, investing in Sandalwood plantation is one of smartest choice of all. Limited supply of Sandalwood and its oil makes it precious. Further, Sandalwood is a precious commodity whose value is appreciating with time, ensuring huge returns in the future.

M/s Swargaseema Sandalwood Farms Pvt. Ltd. deploys appropriate methods to cultivate Sandalwood.

M/s SWARGASEEMA is committed to develop the layout as per the norms

And now is the time for you to exercise the right choice!.

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Vison & Mission

To be India’s largest producer of sandalwood.

Our Promise

We commit to execute the works as per schedule and as per norms.

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